"The photo shoot itself was a really enjoyable experience. Caroline was relaxed and patient and this meant my kids could be relaxed, have fun and allow her to capture some perfect, genuine moments of happiness."



Welcome to my website and thank you so much for even considering me to be your photographer! I hope you love my work.

I am very much used to working with children. I started off working as a nanny in America for nearly 5 years. I then became reacquainted with my childhood sweetheart, who I met at school when we lived in Suffolk, got married and moved to Oxfordshire. I then became a Montessori nursery school teacher.

After our first son was born, I became a childminder, working from home. This is when I began photographing children, to document for their parents what they had been doing with me during the day when they were at work.

Before our 3rd son was born I gave up childminding and began volunteering for the ambulance service as a Community First Responder, which I still do to this day. We then went on to have a little girl. I of course love photographing my own children, documenting their childhood along with the memories to immortalize and treasure, as childhood is precious but short, it seems. 

I have enjoyed doing talks at my children's schools over the years about the ambulance service and basic life support. I have also very much enjoyed photographing at local schools for fundraising.

I don't just photograph children though, I have also photographed for businesses, whether it is head shots or the whole team and work setting. Also weddings and various other occasions. Please click on the social media links at the bottom and follow me if you are interested in seeing more of my work. 

I am a member of Wallingford Photographic Club, where I have received top marks in many photography competitions and won several trophies! I am also thrilled that my work has been published in several magazines and my images used for book covers etc. Please see below for my published features!

I love to shoot 'Lifestyle photography', which is to capture a very natural style portrait of you or your family either outdoors, in your home or chosen venue. I particularly like to capture genuine emotions and connections within families as we go out and explore and have fun together!

We currently live in Shillingford, a small village on the outskirts of Wallingford, Oxfordshire. A very beautiful county with lots of beautiful settings to capture your wonderful memories.

Please contact me and we can discuss the kind of images you are hoping for, whatever special occasion it is, even if you simply want some beautiful photographs just for you. You can hire me for the day and I will do 'a day in the life' photo shoot. I really can photograph anything you like with natural available light.


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